I'm a bit of a fan of using phone photography apps Instagram and Camera+. The ability to improve my photographs (they need it!) is brillant. Here's a few I've done....

 Anthropologie bowls

 My Dad's childhood teddy

 Valentines Rose

 Botanical books

 Bow Shoes (Dune)

Anthropologie tea cup

T-Shirt Bracelet Tutorial

I came across some lovely bracelets made from plaited t-shirts (various variations on pinterest most notably from the and cutoutandkeep) so thought I'd give it a go. Once I played around with how to make them they were very easy and quick. 

Here's how I made mine...


  • - T-shirt strips - I had some already cut up from an old necklace but if not find a jersey t-shirt you don't mind cutting up. 
  • Cord (or ribbon)
  • Thin bendable wire (I used 28 gauge beading wire)
  • Glue

How to

  • If you need to cut up the t-shirt into three strips, about 2cm/0.5-1inch wide and 30cm/12inches long. 
  • Cut the cord into three 28cm/11inch pieces
  • Hold the ends together, with the cord slightly higher
  • Wind the wire around the ends to hold the cord and t-shirt strips together and in place
  • Separate into three groups and plait
  • Plait until it's the right length around your wrist. I have made mine to pull over my hand. 
  • Wind wires around the ends and cut off the excess cord and t-shirt strips
  • With the wire, continue winding around both ends to bind them together
  • Cut a piece of fabric to cover the ends and wire.  Fold the fabric over and wrap around the ends, glue in place.

  •  Leave to dry then it's ready to wear! Enjoy!

Easter Nests

I made Easter chocolate nests for the office this week - a little late for Easter but I think they went down well anyway! Here's my recipe...

 Melt one large bar of dark cooking chocolate in a large bowl. Break up Shredded Wheat (the key to the nest look!) - about 4 blocks and mix into the melted chocolate. I added a couple of handfuls of raisins (or sultanas) and mixed in. Put mixture into small cake cases and pop a couple of mini eggs on the top. The mixture makes about 16. Pop in the fridge for an hour and then they are ready to eat!

My Jamie Oliver Recipe Experience

Moroccan Lamb, served with flatbreads, herby couscous, stuffed peppers and pomegranate drink.

I've been trying out Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals with (I think) some good successes. I play the video in the background and between the two of us we can almost make it in 30 minutes! My favourite so far has been the moroccan lamb chops - quite simple, tasty and fun to do. I find it's easy to alter parts of the recipes to what I've got around the house and to use bits elsewhere so thanks Jamie for improving my cooking!

My tips are to get all the ingredients and serving bowls out first and if you get chance have a quick watch of the video. Here's the link to the episode on 4od and the recipe is in Jamie's 30-Minute Meals: A Revolutionary Approach to Cooking Good Food Fast

This is how I carried out the recipe, following Jamie as much as I could but adapting to what I had in the cupboard and had remembered to buy.

Lamb: I used some racks of lamb from the local supermarket, but chops would work to I think. Score the surface and rub in the suggested herbs and spices - cumin, paprika and Thyme. Cook in a hot frying pan for 5minutes, colouring all the sides then cook in the oven. 

Houmous: In a bowl I put the plain houmous, making a well to add olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and some paprika

Flatbreads: This was a new technique to me (I always just used foil) but really works - scrunch up and wet a large piece of greaseproof paper then open it up. Place on flatbreads on, drizzle with olive oil and some herbs (I used rosemary and thyme). Wrap up the flatbreads and pop in the oven to warm up. 

Couscous: Pop the couscous in a bowl, drizzle with a little olive oil and cover with bowling water. Add a lid on the top. After the couscous has absorbed the water, I added some more olive oil, lemon and Italian herbs

Stuffed Peppers: I used roasted jarred peppers and put some cheese inside and cook on the pan for a few minutes until cheese melts. 

Pomegranate drink: In a large jug I added ice, the juice of two pomegranates, some flat slightly lemonade (fizzy water would do), a little bit of lemon juice, mint leaves and stirred. Taste and adjust amounts. 

Vacances à Paris

I was lucky enough to be treated to a long weekend in Paris last month.
I have a vague memory of a brief morning spent in Paris with my family years a stroppy teenage age; picky about food (especially hidden gherkins) I didn't particularly enjoy it. I was however intrigued by the Parisian fashion so wore my favourite outfit..a dress my mum had made me from some material I'd handpicked. 
So again I find myself packing my favourite clothes into my red leather holdall but this time I thoroughly enjoyed myself (except the hidden gherkins in sandwiches!). Here are a few of the highlights..

Macaroons - Pistachio for Aden, Lemon for me. Simply delicious and the perfect energy boost for sight seeing.
Eiffel Tower - Prettier at night and much more impressive when it pops up between buildings. Look out for the sparkling magical lights.

Les Clos des Gourmets - on our first night we came across this lovely restaurant. We ate a delicious and beautifully presented three course meal (35euros) with the most divine champagne. The meals were slightly variable - my main was a little plain but the desert was simply the best chocolate desert I have ever eaten. Recommend booking. 16, ave Rapp, Champ de Mars, Tour Eiffel.  
Versailles - palace was packed full of tourists & student groups so we quickly escaped to the gardens to eat lunch & relax beside the lake. Plenty to do in gardens - row a boat on the lake, cycle around the park, ride pony's or simply do as we did..take a stroll, enjoy the views and the sunshine. Perhaps better visited later in the year as the statues were still covered up & the little garden areas closed off. Be prepared for queueing
The Shakespeare and Company Book Shop - A big rustic house crammed full of old and new books, in French and English. Climb the stairs to find comfy alcoves of seating, a gorgeous old type writer and locals playing chess. 37 Rue Bûcherie, 750045 Paris (Near Saint-Michel - Notre-Dame)
The Louvre - Loved: the statues, the African exhibit, the glass of champagne in the cafe. Disliked: the Mona Lisa..beautiful but small and very crowded. Allow plenty of time.

Buddha Bar - recommended by a local. A huge Buddha dominates the room creating an exotic atmosphere. Worth a visit just for the decor - drink yummy cocktails and people watch upstairs or eat good thai/asian food downstairs. Very busy on on the weekends. 8 Rue Boissy d'Anglas 
Boat trip along the Seine - I love a good boat trip and the chance to sit down to sight see after lots of walking around! I wasn't disappointed
Souvenir Shopping - I'm not much of a fan of the conventional souvenirs...the little flashing Eiffel Towers just aren't for me. Instead I brought some lovely botanical prints from the little market stalls along the river. At only 15 euros they were a bargain. For my mothers birthday I went to  Fragonard perfumeur who sell beautiful toiletries in beautiful packaging and the friendly staff were happy to let me practice my French. 15 rue des Francs Bourgeois 

And I can't finish without mentioning one of my favourite books which I wished I'd packed with me as I didn't happen upon any clothing gems - Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange. Full of style and beauty tips with recommended places to visit in Paris.